More advanced form(s) control

There’s something I’m desperately missing: some way of [front-end] user-interaction. One way to achieve that is to allow designers to do a bit more with forms than is possible now. I’m thinking about:

  1. Display form input on a separate (outcome) page that is stylable in WF. Designer should select which fields to include/exclude.
  2. Form input into CMS to allow front end submissions to database.
  3. File upload. I know it’s requested a lot and complex feature, but if you’ve got CMS-hosting it shouldn’t be too hard. {plus also extra advantage to choose CMS-package}
  4. Do something with the input in forms/form-fields. Such as math, to enable calculations, comparing, pricing models.
    Example: What’s your income before taxes? Then this is your average income after taxes.
  5. But also, customized form handling ("thank you message to sender, order confirmation to buyer, form to multiple users, and so on)

As I’m sure, this is somewhere on a roadmap. Maybe this message (and/or support below) gives it a bit priority. This is just what I can come up with in 5 min. let us think about all other options below.


As an addition:
User registration (front-end) with file upload, would also be nice. For a “who’s in this building” kind of page.

Great, did i mention file upload already? Now i’m using a Jotform solution which is silly, unsafe and not integrated. Please, please allow me to direct link to files that are already “inside” the project.