Mook - Free Agency Template

Hey Guys! Here we have a free giveway. Nice way to start the week :smiley:

It’s an Agency / Portfolio Template I was working on that I have decided to give away for free. Contains a unique Homepage Slider, 8+ pages and you can clone it free now. Clone, Play, Enjoy! Many more themes to come so if you clone, get inspired or like this… Follow me :slight_smile:

Clone and Read more here:


Awesome, Love it! awesome hero image background!


Thanks @Arthur that has to be the fastest Like i think i’ve ever received! You are very fast on the forums :laughing:

lol :smile: always here… I get a notification on a number of post categories including show&tell so I don’t miss anything as awesome as this :smile: :smile: :smile:

Cool! Awesome idea with background moving with slider!

Btw, looks like links at the footed do not works.


Ahh Thanks @sabanna I hadn’t noticed about the footer links! :relaxed:

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This free launch is very tasty :smile:

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:slight_smile: Hope you enjoy @brilliantlights


Very nice implementation of the slider! The typography and the way that sections are displayed and separated are exquisite as well.

Great work! :smiley:

Wall done @tim


:joy: @maximus thanks dude! These Meme’s are hilarious!