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Montserrat google font won't go away

Hey, so at one point I copy and pasted an element from an old site into my new site. Apparently it inherited Montserrat (and I’ve changed the font on that element since), and now it won’t go away. I’ve tried building a blank website, pasting elements to test where it shows up, and got to an “about page” where the element is, but even completely deleting that page from my test website doesn’t get rid of that font.

Any help is appreciated! 340.0kb of a font that I don’t use is a headache.

Here is my main site Read-Only: Main Site
Here is my test site Read-Only: Test Site

I can’t see the text you’re referring to, can you point it out with a screenshot please?

can you post GTMETRIX and google page speed waterfall screenshots please?

Also export code CSS, FIND font Montserrat, and post screenshot of css containing Montserrat.

Find Class name that matches Montserrat then make same class in a new text block or header block or div block (depending on the element type), and then manually adjust the font there.


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