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Monthly Visits or Daily Visits?

Not really a bug, but on your pricing page under visits for hosting you have the following limits:

25,000 monthly visits (Basic Hosting)
100,000 monthly visits (CMS Hosting)
1,000,000 monthly visits (Business Hosting)

However, when you hover over each of those, it states “The number of unique daily visits you can get to your site every month.”

The second part would suggest those limits are actually 775,000, 3.1m, 31m respectively.

Which is it? Am I missing something?

Hey @milkyway - sorry for the lack of clarity here. Let’s unpack that tooltip:

The number of unique daily visits you can get to your site every month.

A “unique daily visit” means a session from one person in a given day - so multiple visits/pageviews by the same person in one day counts as one visit. The monthly limits of 25k, 100k, and 1M map to the sum of your unique daily visits in a given month.

So, for example, if you have 100 people visiting your site every day for a month (even if they’re clicking through every page on your site hundreds of times :joy:) it would only count 100 visits per day, times 30 days = 3,000 monthly visits.

Hope that clears things up!


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