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Modifying Tablet view on my Home Page and it ended up somehow breaking all my other pages

Hello everyone. So I’ve been designing my website on desktop for now and everything looked good! As soon as I started modifying my Home page tablet view, ALL my other pages got messed up (the alignment and padding and layout). I’ve taken a whole Webflow class, watched the Webflow responsive videos and know that I wasn’t supposed to delete anything OR change the order of things in the layers panel. But somehow what I did in my tablet view is affecting my desktop view but ONLY on all my other pages, and not the Home page that I was working on. This makes NO sense and I have no idea what to do/I’m very confused and overwhelmed so any help for fixing this or understanding this would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Tate Creative Website

Welcome to the community @Erin_Hays and sorry to hear things going wild on the homepage :confused:

I took a peek at the site but without knowing a bit more about what you were modifying and what was (unexpectedly) changed on the homepage it’s hard to say exactly what could have caused the problem.

Your understanding is correct though, normally any change you make to styles on a breakpoint only cascades away from the base breakpoint in both directions—things like adding/removing elements or changing their position in the Navigator (layers panel) are the exceptions here.

Outside of undoing your changes (which may be unlikely as this post was an hour ago), rolling back to a previous backup, or manually reverting the changes, there really isn’t much you can do to get back the original styles.

That sucks, but thank you for helping anyway! I’ll probably go back to a previous version!