Modifying page name in mobile menu

I am trying out the TaaS UI Kit and am finding it difficult to edit the page name in the mobile menu. You can see that on Desktop I have renamed the button to Get Started but on the mobile menu, it remains Login. The Intro link wants to change to Home, and the Blog link to Learn More. I have to admit I am new to Webflow so I may be missing something that is easily resolved. Any thoughts on how I can change these easily? Thanks.

The menu button wasn’t functioning on the mobile view (wasn’t opening (didn’t try it on a real mobile device))

But it looks like they’ve got two separate menus, one for mobile, one for desktop.

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 7.07.03 PM

The mobile one being “Mobile_Menu”

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 7.07.14 PM

Within it, I believe the button you’re referring to is the “Outlined_Button”.

Select it, then on the right, go to settings. I’m assuming that “Text” option is where you change the button text. I’ve never used a UI Kit though, always built from scratch :slight_smile:

Couldn’t test it myself because when I expand the nav in mobile it’s just a blank yellow rectangle :stuck_out_tongue:

Note: Typically, if you’re able to see the button in mobile view, you can just double click the text on it to edit it. But I wasn’t able to get the button to appear within the designer.

Thanks @jackwabbit for checking in on this so quickly.

Yes, I think the UI designer created two different menu elements: one for desktop view and one for mobile view. When I click on the button in mobile view within Designer it does not show any editable fields, which is why I am stumped.

This is what I see when I click on the “Login” button.

This what I see when I click on the “Intro” button

This is how they appear in preview

In my opinion i’d just recommend rebuilding from scratch. Webflow is so great because it’s pretty simple to build a page like that without coding knowledge, so using a template kind of defeats that purpose. You want to be able to customize as you want without battling someone else’s UI Kit :grin:

Anyways, if your mind is set on it, here’s a way you can change that button text for mobile:

Thanks again for the speedy help. This worked. On the mobile menu I had to simply link to a text field and it updated perfectly. I agree that Webflow is super great at doing web design with no coding. I am using this UI kit as a spring board to learn how these interactions were built so I can do the same on my own. Tons of useful material on the University too. :webflow_heart:

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As an FYI, my background is in branding and copywriting. I am retooling with Webflow to add more value to clients. Loving the platform and community so far.

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