Modifying Brem template issues

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on a website using the BREM template and being relatively new to this, I could use some assistance with a few issues. Here are the details:

Website Link: Link to my website for review

Template Link: BREM template link

Now, here are the specific challenges I’m facing:

  1. Preview on iPhone:
  • I’m struggling to preview my website on an iPhone before publishing. Can someone guide me on how to achieve this?
  1. Line Crossing Text:
  • In the BREM template, hovering over the List of Awards displays a line crossing the words. I’d like to keep this interactive element but remove the linking functionality. How can I do this?
  1. Change Color of Items:
  • The Brem template has colored items around the Contact Us button and across the site. I want to modify the color transition to only go from orange to magenta. How can I achieve this?
  1. Images Only in Grayscale:
  • I’ve replaced images in the Services section with my own, but they remain black and white. How can I retain their original color?
  1. Dynamic Text Issue:
  • In the Service section of the Brem template, when you hover over images, the text appears. On my site, the text appears briefly and then disappears. How can I fix this?
  1. Not Able to Edit:
  • Some features, specifically images in the Service section and the footer with contacts and linked social media accounts, are not editable in the Designer. I can see them in the preview and on the Brem template. How can I gain control over these elements for laptop and PC views?

I would greatly appreciate any guidance, tutorials, or assistance in resolving these issues. I’m willing to compensate if someone would jump on to fix all the issues before launching the site.

Thank you! :slight_smile: