Modal popup window only works for one trigger

Hey Webflow Crew,

I’m working on a page with two separate modal popup windows, each with their own unique set of interactions showing/hiding the window. The problem is, I can only get it to work for 1/2 modal triggers. The expected behavior is that clicking on the “tool box” icon will cause the modal window for that to open, and clicking on the “calendar” icon will open up a different modal containing a calendar.

I was able to get this to work for the first interaction of opening the tool box. I had some trouble reusing the interaction for the calendar icon, so I decided to just recreate the same interaction again for the other trigger. I can see that the modal windows are both hidden when the page loads, showing that at least the page load trigger is working, but now when I click on the trigger for the tool box, nothing happens, but the calendar works perfectly.

Each of these modal windows have their own unique class names, and I went back and redid the toolbox interaction to make sure that I followed the directions exactly. I’ve remade the interactions 3 separate times now and have gotten them to work individually, but as soon as I introduce interactions to the other trigger, only one of them works. I’ve browsed the forums for a while now to see if I was missing something or if my problem had already been solved. I’m not sure if this is a bug or something that I’m missing, but I could really use another pair of eyes here.

Thanks in advance, much love!

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@Waldo any insight on this, my dude?