Modal popup - problem with Chrome

Hi, i have followed the modal popup tutorial and it works great on safari, but when I try it in Chrome, the popup sort of appears, but is all over the place! What can i do?


Hi @Daniel_Kempe, Can you please submit some more details about your problem? Here are the posting guidelines: Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category

Thanks in advance!

What else is there to say, the modal popup doesn’t work in Chrome. Its work in other browsers. I’m not asking for design help!!

Hi Dan, sorry for the confusion. :-/ This question is tough to answer because I don’t know the site you’re working on and I’m not able to see what you see. Your read-only link and some screenshots would be super helpful.

Here’s some more info on how to ask for help for these sorts of issues:

Thanks for understanding. We try to help all requests, with a little more information, we can identify whether it is a system bug or if it’s a design issue.

I was talking to someone from webflow via email. I didn’t want to publicise my site until its launch. Is there anyway I can send privately?

You can send a private message: click on someone’s avatar then on Message.

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Where is this “modal popup tutorial”? I can’t find it.

Hello @Bill616,

Here is tutorial, just there is screenshots from old version of Webflow UI

Here is good tutorial how to create custom lightbox, which using custom modal popup window too

Hope it helps.