Modal Popup / Need It To Repeat but not Loop

Hello again, so I now have my modal working on all browsers, yay! But now I have another question I can’t figure out.

I have a button on my site where my customers can login and access their pages (customer login). The same modal is used if someone wants to upload a file to me, (upload a file). They are working fine. But, I notice that once you click on one of the buttons and the popup form comes up, what if they don’t want to go to their portal right at that moment, they want to exit out, which if they click out they get back to the customer portal page, however, then neither of the buttons are active again. Once either of them has been clicked, you can’t click on them again. They both have the same class name so I understand why you only have to click one but I would like them to be active all the time so if someone wants to click but then not enter their access code right then, but then click again, the buttons will be active. So is there a way to make them, say always active?

I can’t figure this out.

My share link is

If you go to the Customer Portal page, the buttons I’m talking about are Customer Login and Upload A File.

Thanks so much!


Hard to solve this issue by forum. The button works only one time because you put overlay (On top of the button = No way to click on it on second time).

Maybe hire freelancer for this mission -or- follow this:

Start her: