Modal only exit when overlay clicked!

cant figure out how to only have the modal and the overlay close when the overlay is clicked and not the modal itself.

Please help!!

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Hey Asher,

The easiest way is to find an unpack a cloneable that has the behavior you want.

didnt work. I copied your exact design

See Loom.

I figured it out. I made the z-indexs really high.

Modal wrapper - 1000
Container 1100.

Then i made sure the interaction to open modal is connected to the more info button ( this can be confusing because when I saw this it might seem that i just assigned the interaction to the element but in reality, interactions are saved “onto” different elements. so when you click an element, you will see interactions on that element.)

THen i made the modal wrapper fixed relative to itself while cotainer 22 was absolute, relative to the body.

So now it is working!