Modal not centered on preview/publish

My site mobile is centered on the screen on design, but goes to the top/left corner on preview and publish.

I added a modal div block background that’s fixed and full, relative to the body. The actual modal is inside that div block. The parent is a flex box and aligned to center.

Any ideas what I’m missing/why this is happening?

Want it to look like:

Looks like:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - API website
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Hi there! Hope you are doing very well.

Here’s the solution:

1- Set all your “Div Block 28” margins to AUTO
2- On the “Full Modal Open” animation you need to set it to flex (not block)

Oh and you could also do this to align the modal:

1- Set Div Block 28 to align: center
2- Image (close button) set to align: right
3- Set Div Block 27 to margin: auto too

Hope it solves your problem! Let me know if you need something else :slight_smile:


Thank you! I didn’t realize you had to set to flex in the animation–makes sense. Appreciate it

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