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Modal issue - close button doesn't work

Can anyone help with the get a demo button in the nav? It pops the modal, but the close button doesn’t work. Also, can the legacy interactions be in a symbol?

The modal is only on the get a demo page.


Here is my public share link:
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Hey @grantmdavis , your public share link doesn’t work, can you please edit it ?

So off topic for a second. I did paste the link that is in my message as the Webflow University recommends. So I don’t have a problem getting to the link, nor pasting it into the message. As you can see by copying the link in my message and pasting it into a browser, it works. I have requested help about 10 time on webflow forum, which I find to be so valuable, however, often my link doesn’t work on first try, which causes a few days loss of productivity as I wait for a response and error that I can’t repeat. So I wonder what is really going on? Should the webflow university video be more complete?

Anyway, thank you for having a look at my problem.

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Hello @grantmdavis

First of all you should give the modal wrapper an initial state of scaled 1.1 for example and 0% of opacity.
Divide the steps in the trigger to avoid everything to happen at the same time.

And then the viceversa for the Closing modal process.

Here’s a little video of the changes I mention:


Hey @grantmdavis. I understand your frustration, sometimes the read-only link doesn’t work on posts but i have no idea why…
Do you use the copy button ? If not, maybe you just forget to underline some letters on the slug ?
Anyway the best way to save time is to try the read only link quickly in a new window.
Hope this helps,

I think what happens is that I’m pasting the url, but not in the right place. Do you have to paste it once? or twice for it to work?

Thank you for your response.

You are a champion! This worked beautifully. Thank you so much.


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@grantmdavis I guess only once…