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Modal Double Scroll Bar [Chrome]

Just seeing if anyone has solved the issue of ‘double’ scroll bars on modals when open…?

Take a look below, test site and read only available at bottom.

You can see in action if you click any of the first three projects, Lagree is longest modal…

Test Site :
Read Only :

So I found a solution at the link below.

But the only issue is that your site now scrolls ‘left’ and ‘right’ with auto scroll on…

Anyone that can fix this would be awesome!

Fix for ‘double scroll’ :

Alright, for my site I found the issue, it was this object I had below. I have to play with it to see if I can get the site to not scroll over to see it…

But, if I ‘hide’ that object, there is ZERO ‘left’ and ‘right’ scroll.

Will post again if I fix it!

Fixed it! Just set the parent container or div to Overflow : Hidden!

Hope this helps anyone in same boat!