Modal disappears after a few seconds

In the Plays page, when I click Learn More> my modal pops up then disappears after a few seconds. It was working fine a few days ago.

I have issues modifying the read only site, anytime I do it, it reverses the changes…

But I think I know the issue.

You have a “initial” interaction for your popup, but you also set the initial manually (display none). So that may be not working because of that. Chose one way or another, and start by deleting the initial interaction and redoing it from scratch. But I would ditch it entirely and prefer to set the initial manually, so you avoid a flash of the popup at the loading of the page.

If you nuke the initial interaction steps and preview the site, close the popup, you’ll see that it stays open if you open it again.

Thanks @vincent! I thought that might be the problem as well but it’s something different which I fixed. I appreciate the help

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