Modal cookie code

Hey guys,

I need some help with my modal code. Not sure what I’ve done wrong as I’ve followed this video (How to Webflow: Adding cookies to custom modals - Tutorial (2019) - YouTube) and made the necessary changes for my site.

I want the modal to only appear once on the homepage and then reappear one day later.

The modal design is only a placeholder for now until I get this modal cookie working.

Thanks for the help :hugs:.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - The Devil is a Red
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The first thing I see is that your library reference is incorrect;
Take out that net/ part and see if that fixes your problems.


That still hasn’t worked. The modal still pop ups every time I open the homepage.

I think you should re-watch the tutorial, and see where you have typos and glitches.

The next error I notice is your if( statement is not closed. Add a ) after 'undefined'

Check Chrome devtools in your live site to see where your script has errors, you may find others.

Thanks a lot bro, that worked :facepunch:.