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Modal background is preventing client from editing page

I have a modal email signup that fades in on page load. When my client goes into the editor she can’t close the modal to make her edits to the page. Any help appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only:

I would contact support directly for this question. They can login and view both sides of your project, where a community member won’t have that back-end access on the server. Client-related issues like this deserve a little more attention. Would not want to keep a client confused, ask them to look at it.

Hi @Yogesh_Simpson, thanks for the post. The trouble with the modal background is that it is currently set to show as a full page, fixed modal triggered by a page load interaction that gets triggered when the Editor is first loaded.

Once that modal window is loaded and the page is fully loaded, the Editor takes over and the interactions on the site are disabled, including the ability to close the modal using the interaction on the Close link.

I am working to help get a resolution for this to see if it is possible to have the page load interaction not trigger if the editor is loaded. I will post an update when I have more info.

While this is open, I would probably recommend to disable the modal window from opening automatically and instead set that up with a CTA button

Thanks in advance.

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