Modal Animation/Interaction Issue

Hey all - Building a modal-based nav menu and having two issues:

  • I can’t get my nav fade in to repeat itself! I think this must be me misunderstanding how animations fundamentally operate
  • I have hover states applied to the link blocks; they should change opacity on rollover but it seems as though the animation interferes? How do you do this properly?


Public Link here

Hey Andrew655,

Just went through your site. You just have very simple issue in animation set up. On your hamburger menu trigger, you have kept the NavModel to show. Change NavModel to hidden and set it as initial state and then add another show/hide properties and put it to flex mode. Should work then.

Thanks - I suppose that fixes a bug I didn’t realize… but doesn’t necessarily solve the two questions in my post. Any ideas?

Hey all - any other suggestions here?

Solved - disregard and thanks again