Mobile Z-Index Bug? + A solution for Mailchimp tagging

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As the title suggests, a couple issues here.

1. Mobile Z-Index Bug
I haven’t figured out if this is 100% a bug, but I can’t get my head around it otherwise. Here’s a clip of what’s going on: Footer Z-Index Bug - Album on Imgur
So what you’re seeing here is on mobile, when you scroll to the footer, then scroll back up the page, the content of the footer seems to find a way inbetween other sections’ content and other sections’ backround.
Both sections have a backround in place and I’ve also set an interaction to try and fix this, on the body of the page, there is a footer ‘hide/show’ on scroll. (Using opacity).

2. Mailchimp tagging
A quick google and search suggests there is no way to do this- a disaster for me as we have five mailing lists, to which we send a combination of emails. I need to be able to tag subscribers seperately depending on which form they use. The only way for us to operate our mailchimp list is with tags- seperate audiences is a f-ing disaster. Any ideas?


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