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Mobile website editing problems

I am having difficulties editing my mobile version of the website. Most edits transfer right over to desktop version and ruins the way it looks, and vice versa. I looked around, maybe overlooked where the answer is, but I cannot find how to fix my problems. Best and fasted way would be to show the problems, so I made quick little videos below. If someone could point me in the right direction, that would be great.

NOTE!: Please disregard the logos in the background of the website in the video! These are not the logos being used any longer! They are old versions, they were changed recently but not updated here, and unfortunately I realized I had not changed them prior to recording this video the video! I appreciate the understanding, and thank everyone in advance!

Question one:

Question two:

Welcome to the community @itsaustinj!

Changes to your text are made across all breakpoints (including things like line breaks as you demonstrated in the video) so you’ll want to make sure that the changes are made to the element instead—in this case it could be either your text/paragraph block or it’s containing div. In regards to your specific issue, it looks like there may be a non-breaking space added to your text block which is preventing the type from “flowing” down to the next line as the viewport shrinks.

Your second issue is a little harder to diagnose without taking a closer look at your project but I believe this is due to how the standard mobile menu shows the contents below your nav element. I’ve never really seen a lower menu bar type of action like you’ve included, but you should be able to either adjust the positioning of your drop down container (what’s shown when you click the hamburger icon) so it appears above by default, or change the behavior of your element so the icons are shown on mobile and instead adjust their size/spacing to work for smaller screens.

If you get stuck fixing the issues, just include your read-only link and I’ll take a peek at the specific situations for you :+1: