"Mobile viewport not set" Google Search Console report

Hey everyone,
Google Search Console sent me an email “New Mobile Usability issue detected for site” - mobile viewport not set.

I have done some research and it seems that a lot of Webflow sites have this issue. How would this best be addressed?

Site is: https://www.puzzlefactory.uk/

Thanks everyone!

Are you sure you are not looking at old data? Your site head does include<meta content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" name="viewport">

Hi Jeff,
Yes, 100% certain. I got the email from Google about a day after uploading the brand new site and I have never received one before. Previous site had not been updated for 6 years (it wasn’t responsive in any way).


This was my mistake. The email notification didn’t tell me which pages were problematic… turns out it was an old html file that was on the server. Sorted the problem and it was nothing to do with Webflow.

Sorry guys!