Mobile view speed challenges

Hi, my site is on 85 for desktop (google speed insights), but on 35 on mobile - which is way to slow for my FB/Twitter campaigns. the issues google tells me are the picture sizes.

I have 2 questions around this:

  1. the sizes google speed insights tells me for mobile are the same it gives me for desktop - which means they don’t get scaled down via the responsive feature. If that’s the case (maybe as 500px is the lowest size), what can I do? I need them at the 75kb resolution for desktop, but can’t add separate ones for the small mobiles.

  2. I tried to hide some picture intense sections on mobile view, but google speed insights tells me they still get found by loading the mobile site. What can I do about that to get them fully hidden and not loading?

Thanks! Nicholas

Hi @Nicholas_Thiede - Thanks for posting to the forum. Mind sharing your published link you tested? Easier to comment on the issue then.

Love to! But I had shared it in my post but got banned for spam advertising. what can I do? :wink:

You could type the url with spaces instead of dots. Or DM me.

the problem occurs at this site (and all sub pages): cloudradar io

Mobile audit -
Generated by Lighthouse 4.3.1

Not seeing load issues.

Strange - shows this result on my side:

And is actually loading really slow on my phone. Any idea where the difference could come from?

Google’s PageSpeed insights is running old code. Last update they list is July 2018.

Look at Overview - Chrome Developers