Mobile view oveflows AGAIN

Hey guys,

I’m sorry it’s the second time I post this issue, but it’s happening again, everything just falls apart on the mobile view… It’s really nasty. I set every margin and padding that I could on 0 or auto. I have two videos on top of each other, one is set on display: none, this hasn’t caused any issues before.

What rules are you guys following so this never occurs? I just can’t seem to grasp why this is happening again and again even though things are set to even or 0 distances.

Huge thanks to you guys!

ALRIGHT I solved the issue…

I basically deleted the second video. I continued with setting everything back to auto and 0 and then added the second video again. The original size on bigger devices until tablet and the edited video for small screens. Thank you Siton_Systems for responding so quickly!
I’ll try to figure out a guide to fixing issues like this, because I know that a lot of you experience this issue. This happens to me all the time, either because a certain textblock is centered in a dumb way or because of unnecessary margins or paddings. I think the most important thing is to build up the site in general and put in all the elements first and then add spacing.

Sorry for the long text. :slight_smile:

Please also add live URL (No way to open read-only on mobile) + screenshot of the problem.


I’m not sure if the link was sent:

Thanks for the response. On the screenshot you can see white overflow.

So I checked and the problem is indeed the video… Seems like I can’t have two of them at once on the page…