Mobile View Not Working

Hello! My mobile formatting keeps sliding to the right and showing white space. Does anyone know how to fix this? I wonder if it has to do with my animations? Thanks so much!

Hi Emily

I checked your site and I couldn’t replicate the issue.

Were you able to resolve this? Or do I need to look at a specific page?

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Thank you so much! I still am not able to resolve the issue. Even on my front page I am seeing you can slide to the white to expose the white line on the side.

Are you able to help with this? I really appreciate it.

Hey Emily

I was only able to replicate your problem when the width was less than 320px.

Two things you can try are the following:

  1. Clear/decrease the left padding on the ‘.content’ class

  2. Clear/decrease the left padding on the ‘.Heading 49’ class

This should fix the problem for at least anything more than 300px, which is almost the minimum screen size you should ever worry about. Let me know if this works!

Hi Emily @epweaver

Did you try @bavshehata’s fix suggestions? And did they resolve your issue?

I see that you’ve used a lot of paddings to position content. These can push the content outside the page especially on smaller devices. Make sure to remove or adjust those large paddings on all elements to recenter the content. You can use Auto-margin to center content.

Let me know if this helps you fix the issue with the horizontal scrolling as well as any other positioning issues you may be having in this project .

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