Mobile view is broken

I’ve read that several people have had difficulty with this and their solutions didn’t help.

The mobile view of my site is not working correctly. I was careful with padding when building it out and it looked fine when I launched.

Please advise.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @gdaily, welcome to the Webflow forum, I’m Abi Rana and I hope I can help you with this issue.

Regarding the issue, there 2 main reasons; 1 because you are applying position: sticky to the nav and 2 you logo is sticking out that is because you’ve applied a fixed height for the menu. Please check the screenshot.

And I also have 2 solutions for you. 1st remove position: sticky because you already have position: fixed applied to it and does the same thing in your condition. 2nd and main thing you should do is that instead of applying a fixed height fix the logo size because depending on the situation content or the logo can change, so have a fixed height is not a good thing.