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Mobile view completely messed up after 1 change

Hi folks… wondering can anyone help me.
I made a change to my current site which has massively affected how everything the mobile phone portrait view renders.
This was working perfectly first thing this morning (I can see from my restore previews) but something has changed in the meantime and caused this view to completely mess up. I cannot figure out what might be causing this.
The preview link for my site is here
it’s in a page called blocks and only the mobile portrait view seems affected.
I did not make any changes whatsoever to this page today so something else globally on the site has caused this.
Really appreciate any help with this… don’t wanna undo so much work! :frowning:

The “container” class inside your “blocks container” element has a set height of 146px. Delete that so it sets to “auto” and it clears up your formatting problems.


Lifesaver! thank you so much…