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Mobile Version troubles


I have just created a web site
Everyting is very nice. I have upploaded it to
But when I check it through my mobile phone… :frowning: very bad
Can you help me immediately ? 2 weeks ago it was nice but
now terrible

Thank you


Hi Murat, thanks for the post, could you also post your read-only link to the site in question having the issue: and screenshots of what is not looking correct on mobile?

In addition, what kind of mobile phone are you using, so that we can check it on that device model?


Hi, Murat, thanks for the link. It looks like there might be multiple things to look at, so lets look at those one at a time… first, you have a large negative right margin on your hero text, I would remove that.

In general, avoid using any negative values for padding or margins and instead, use the display, float and clears to align your content.

Here is one change to the Hero Title text nested classes on mobile landscape to help fix the text collapsing on each other from your first picture on mobile landscape:

I am checking through more items…

Hi @Murat_Bucak, issue #2, in the mobile portrait mode, you have the Hero Overlay element set to not show on mobile portrait view. Make sure the Hero Overlay element is set to be visible on All devices:

Still checking for more updates…

Hi @Murat_Bucak, item #3: On the nested class Image Section Overlay 2 in mobile portrait mode, you have a fixed height of 600px. I would avoid using fixed heights, rather set your heights to percentage or auto.

Fixed widths and heights can impact the mobile experience :wink: Some more things on the footer coming up. cheers, Dave

Hi @Murat_Bucak, item #4, in mobile portrait view, the image section overlay has some overflow, which causes the page to horizontally scroll. In looking at the site, I can see you have at least one element using relative position with full cover, a 723px left margin and this is one reason for the overflow, I would change this to position auto or at least remove those fixed position offsets.

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