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Mobile Version of Site Scrolling Side to Side

Hello - When viewing the website on mobile the site scrolls side to side to as well as up and down.

I only want it to scroll up and down.

I’m assuming there is a simple way to ensure it doesn’t scroll side to side, but can’t figure it out.

Can anyone assist?

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Welcome to the community @REITs!

I’m not seeing the horizontal scrolling on my Android phone or while testing the site in DevTools—did you happen to get this fixed? If not, what browser/device are you noticing the issue?

Hi Mike! - I can only tell it’s happening / not fixed horizontally on the live site:

Not sure if this is an iphone specific issue, but I assume not.

Thank you for helping!

Ah okay I see the horizontal scrolling now, thanks for the updated link. I was looking at your staging URL ( which doesn’t seem to show any issue.

The problem is caused by the .menu-button-close-image element within the .navbar-right-contents div which has a default position that shifts it over to the right of the screen and reduces it’s opacity. Within my browser, clicking the menu icon shifts the close menu button from the right which eliminates the scrolling while the menu is open.

To fix the issue, you should be able to apply overflow: hidden to the .menu-button div :v: