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Mobile version not same with preview


I am testing my website on mobile version but i have a little problem. When i preview my website with mobile resolution there is no problem. But when I go to the website from myphone, i see at the text that are in the three linkblocks move a little out of the blocks. Now i know that i can fix this with setting the margin to up, but my question is, why i cant see this problem in preview mode but only when i open it from my mobile device.

Someone that knows the answer or got a solution?
Here is my link to the published version:

Here is my site Read-Only:

Different OS and browser. The reason why testing should be done on devices.

Ok so, as i understand, it can always be different even when the preview is good it can be different on mobile devices?

That depends on what you do and how you layout elements. I test across all A devices when I design to make sure.

Okay thank you for your fast reply and the tip.
Will use the tip from now to be sure!