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Mobile/Tablet screen jump Issue with VH


I seem to be having an issue with Chrome on both mobile and tablet view when setting the the hero up with a VH value. The screen jumps on scroll, recalculating the VH I’m assuming because the Chrome UI appears and disappears?

If anyone can help solve this or maybe suggest a workaround I would be truly indebted.

This problem doesn’t exist on safari or IE. Analytiks page is the culprit, not “home”



I experience the exact same issue on mobile chrome (on my iPhone X) --> here
Hero also set at 100 VH

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@new_work_city Find any workarounds yet? If you set a fixed pixel height the problem is resolved but that’s not really a solution.

@ChieraCreative I kinda left it as is. Maybe do some more testing in the weekend

To be honest i don’t think there is a solution just from the logical point of view. Browser is changing height with the address bar disappearing and your element depends on this height therefore the jump. But if someone somehow solved this I’d be happy to hear!