Mobile Site Overflows on right side


The mobile version of my site has some blank space on the right when i scroll there, I set Body to Overflow: hidden but still no luck.


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi there,

The issue seems to be in the tabs area of your services (i.e. roof repairs etc.).

Turn the ‘body’ back to ‘overflow > visible’.

Few options up to your design tastes, you can make the icons smaller in mobile view, or perhaps change the orientation of the tabs (i.e. you can change the flex layout of the ‘tabs-menu’ to vertical, as one example). This fixes the overflow issue.

Sure there are plenty of options out there, hope this helps!

P.s. - the way I found where the overflow issue was, was by scrolling down the page in the mobile view and finding which element was poking over the edge - the tabs!

Kind regards,

Thanks @domin8tor!

I found out the solution, I set the Overflow: visible back on the Body, then set all other sections to Overflow: Hidden!