Mobile site not scrolling on home page only

Our sites homepage isn’t scrolling on mobile. All other pages are working just fine, but the home page won’t scroll. Need help quick please, all suggestions welcome. Thank you.


Webflow - Copy of Taqtul Orange Site

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Mike!

I’m afraid I can’t reproduce the issue on your project. Maybe you could share the live site instead of the webflow project so I can test it on a real mobile device as well?

You can also double check in the inspector that you don’t have “overflow:hidden” in the Body element on mobile, this property is a known candidate for preventing a page from scrolling.


Sure, thank you.

Thank you,


Hm, sorry I can’t help you. Scrolling works on my mobile devices & I didn’t see anything wrong with your page. Does it also not scroll on other mobile devices than the one you used for testing? How does it behave in the webflow editor in Mobile view?


So sorry, I actually found the solution. I had to reset the positioning on the body tag, et voila, works just fine. Thank you though, really appreciate your time.