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Mobile Site Jitters & Whitespace

Hello All,

Almost done developing this site for my foundation. The “Who We Are” area shakes/jitters when viewed on a mobile device (observed on Safari & Chrome). I couldn’t capture this with a screenshot but it does show some white space to the right of the section. It goes back to normal when you scroll past this section. I’m sure there is an element causing this that I’m not seeing. Any help is much appreciated.

You can see the whitespace when you enlarge the photo:

Here is my read only public share link:

Here is the published site link:

Could you share a read-only link? Without being able to look I’d guess you have a section too wide for the mobile size, need to hide overflow, and maybe need to add anti-alias code for your font.

Hi @jdesign. Here is the link:

It looks like you have “height” set on some of your sections making them a fixed height which could cause some of the jumping on mobile. I’d suggest changing that to min height or auto and use padding or margins to adjust.

Also, your We Believe heading interaction might be part of the issue. Try turning it off and/or making that section’s overflow hidden. Actually it looks like you need to set overflow to hidden on a few sections so that the white space doesn’t happen on mobile.

See if that helps.

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Just wanted to leave an update that I was able to fix the issue with the spot on tips provided by @jdesign. This forum has been invaluable.


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