Mobile Screen idea - is this possible?

Hi everyone.

Before I go throw myself into an after effects wormhole and produce a video I thought I should see if I could create it in Webflow as an interactive piece first.

The project I was working on was a social media campaign, specifically a Facebook Carousel. I would like to show the project on my site but not really sure the best way. I have an idea of a phone in the centre of the screen and the user of my site is able to slide the screen of the phone as if they were swiping through the carousel itself.

I have created a quick demo of what I am talking about on the link below.

Things to bear in mind:
• I don’t want the whole screen to move, just the ad panels (apologies for the ad in the video it was the only FB carousel I could find)
• The first ad panel is actually a video not a still image. There is also a video to go at the end of the sequence.
• The styling of the video is not how I want the final piece to look like, this is just to visualise what I am trying to understand if it can technically work.

I hope that all makes sense.