Mobile Safari Browser Toolbars Show White Instead of Black

I’m migrating my blog website from WordPress to Webflow and want to achieve the same look. On WordPress, Safari mobile displays black both at the top where you enter a URL and at the bottom with the browser buttons (browser toolbars). However, on Webflow, it displays white - using the same phone and browser after clearing history and cache. My developer and I eventually got the top to turn black, which leaves us to believe it’s possible for the bottom. Below, please see the links and attached photos for an illustration. Any assistance or direction would be greatly appreciated!

Webflow =
WordPress =

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On your iPhone (assuming use because you mentioned Safari) go to Settings | Safari | Tabs | set to ‘Single Tab’

Thanks, Jim - Yes, I’m on an iPhone. Is there a way it can automatically display like that to match the look on WordPress? Viewers will not know to go to their browser settings and make that adjustment. They won’t even know the website is not appearing as it should - and I don’t want to add a popup to instruct them to go to their settings to adjust the site.