Mobile published version is not updated

Hi, I need help with my website please

the published desktop version (Checked with a laptop) is the latest, but when you check it on a mobile (with a smartphone) it’s not updated properly.

It is very strange as in the Webflow editor I can see the desktop, tablet and mobile with the same updated version but when opening on mobile is the old one.

Here the only link:

To see the changes I am talking about please go to menu: Nosotros > Equipo
you will see that in the updated version should be “10 Kubbers” and on mobile it just shows “9 Kubbers”. Same happens with the “QUIERO UNA DEMO” button, the link is not updated.

thank you in advance!

Mobile devices cache pages for performance. Clear yours and retest.

Hello Jeff,
thanks but it happens with all mobiles that haven’t been on the website before… not just mine…

what should I do?

Can you share a published link to a page that represents the problem?

Sure, is the published website.

As told, if you check on your phone the page “Equipo” it will show 9 kubbers, but if you check on your laptop it will show “10 kubbers”

I apologize, if you want the specific page, it would be this one: Conoce a nuestro Equipo | Kubbo

I used a local browser and an actual iphone in the cloud. No diff.

I don’t understand how is this possible… This is what we see when we use our smartphones:

Your Carrier/ISP might proxy the the web. If that is true you are looking at an old version. I imagine you had 9 at some point right?

Exactly, and I updated to 10 and added the new member of the team image and details two days ago, but it’s not shown on mobile… So it’s definitely the two days ago version

So use your local WIFI on your phones and the problem is solved. I can’t help you with this one. It’s a net ops problem.

Oh my god! It’s solved, I really hope it works with all the phones now!:blush:
thank you very much Jeff! I really appreciate it

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