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Hey everyone,

I’m current in the process of creating a place holder site for my personal brand while I continue to build up my portfolio work, and I’m having a little trouble translating my design to the mobile portrait specs.

Clearly, my design works bests when working with as much width as possible, and I can clearly see I will need to practice on my Responsive design skills in the near future.

However, I did create a portrait placement design that can buy me sometime while I brush up on my responsive skills.

Would using a design like this work with the webflow platform in the same project? I would think I would probably have to scrap all the classes used in my previous device designs, therfore no.

If not, Is there anyway to disable the mobile portrait mode all together?


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Disable Mobile Portrait (not advised);

pu this code in head area (before );

body, html {
  min-width: 479px;

you can substitute min-width for any units you feel sit well with your design.

Thanks @AlexManyeki,

I agree & would rather go with the mobile portrait design i created. Disabling would be the absolutely last result.

Just wanted to be sure I would be able to creating my portrait design. I believe all I would have to do is hide the display on all the visible classes, build on top from there.

Thanks again for the code!

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