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Mobile photo issue/bug - not displaying correctly in non-www. URL

I think this is a bug but I’ve never seen it before. I have a page where I have updated a photo. The photo is the same for each of the screen sizes down through mobile. The page has been published and re-published.

On my computer, it shows the correct photo as expected. When I shrink the window size through all 4 resolution it continues as expected. On my phone (tested on Android and iPhone) it shows correctly when I navigate to “”. However, when I remove the " www." and navigate to “” it shows the old photo. The URL change makes no difference when viewing from my computer.

I look forward to any assistance with this issue.


That might be related to browser cache. Try clearing browser history on mobile devices and/or use incognito mode/private mode on those browsers.

Thanks Bartek. That seemed to work!