Mobile page slides back and forth

Hi there! I really need your help otherwise I’m going crazy…:slight_smile:

This is my website:

Open on mobile and try to pull to the right or left, then you know what I mean…

Thank you very much in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Elmira's Portfolio

Hi Elmira @Elmira_Rehnert, please share your read-only link. Thank you!

THank you! Im new here and I have to get used to the way they operate here. :smiley:

@Elmira_Rehnert, no worries. Everyone starts out at some point.

The horizontal overflow is caused by the 2D & 3D transforms on your element Hamburger Lottie. I’d suggest deleting that, changing it to a smaller value or setting a fixed width and height for the menu.

Let me know if this helps.