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Mobile page is horizontal scrollable during animation

Hey guys,

I’m struggling with the responsive view of my project, would be awesome if anyone has an idea.

  • I think the interaction “slide in from right” is causing this bug
  • the page gets horizontal scrollable for a few seconds when the slide in animation starts

I already checked all elements if they have over 100% width but couldn’t find any issues…
Thanks so much for some help,

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Parkett - und Fußbodentechnik Kühne

Hey @Alexander_Richter , it is due to the interaction like you mentioned. A very simple solution is to wrap all your elements under a page-wrapper div and set its overflow to hidden.

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@imtiazraqib thanks so much bro, this was a 5s solution where I already spend a whole wasted hour of work.

Enjoy your day

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Glad I could help, happy designing! :grin::fire:

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