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Mobile-Only Side Scrolling

I’m trying to implement a side-scrolling feature similar to this website (MOBILE BREAKPOINT ONLY):

You’ll notice that you can continue scrolling past the section, it’s not locking you to scrolling through all of the content (like most Webflow side-scrolling examples I’ve found). The user should be able to freely scroll past, or swipe left/right through the content at their leisure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m attempting to make a section with 400VW, overflow set to scroll, but it’s making the rest of my page scroll (I only want the content inside that section to scroll, not the rest of the page).

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Mindr - New

The content is on ‘Test Page’.

Hey there @sanscode
Here’s a video on how to achieve this effect


Awesome! I am also looking for something like this. So you cannot scroll pas that section as @sanscode wanted? Could you possibly share a link to the project to test the effect? Much appreciated!

Im aware of - Home | Owl Carousel | 2.3.4 - and to achieve this effect with this code. But I’m still unaware of a native solution.

@Webflow-user If you are asking for preview link for project in which I made this it’s already posted here at the top

But I made it in his preview link so it won’t save it but once he implements it it will be viisible, feel free to contact me iif you need urgent help with this, cheers

Great! Awesome work!