Mobile not scroll to the end of the page

  1. hey guys I’ve been trying to fix this bug for more than 4 days but i haven’t found a solution can anyone help with that?
    when i try to scroll down the page dont allow me to scroll
    the problem happens in the mobile portrait mode only for a reason and only in the home page
    in the live site

once i reach this section i can’t scroll down to the footer

i looked at the other forums and reset the body but the problem remains…

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Ahmed Ramadan

live site:

hi @Ahmed_RiOo this is standard behaviour when overflow:hidden is set on body element. If you will have time feel free to search this forum as it is most common issue no-code developers have and is very well explained in many identical already solved requests.

Hope that will solve your issue.

hello @Stan thanks for the reply
I’m kinda new here, what is the keyword for this forum that i need to search for?
i kinda have this body set overflow:hidden so i don’t allow the scrolling when the pre-loader is playing
i have set the body overflow to visible and then switched to auto but the same problem is still there

for example “mobile not scroll” etc.

searched it but still, the same problem remains, even after removing the body class