Mobile Navigation - Can I stop the user from scrolling?

I designed a mobile navigation for my website. However, I think there’s an issue with my CSS because when users visit my website on a mobile device, the mobile navigation doesn’t expand to fill the whole screen as intended. I’ve noticed that users can scroll down on all devices. Can you provide any tips on how to fix this and achieve the desired effect?

Bonus Question: When I hover over “Location and Directories” link on Desktop, the wording becomes centered and stacked.

Here is my site Read-Only: Read Only Link
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try adding this code to your </body> tag:

<style>.menu-opened{overflow:hidden;}</style><script>$(".menu-button").on("click", function(){$("body").toggleClass("menu-opened");});

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Thank you for the reply. Just to confirm you want me to add this to Dashboard > Head Code?