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Mobile NavBar Issues / Menue opened Page increases

Hello Everyone,

since no-one from the support ist reaching out to me even though I tried multiple times which is pretty anoying, I´m ended up here in order to receive some help concerning an issue I have with the mobile navbar menue.

I tried to find old posts on that topic but was not able to find anything realted. So I have two main Mobile Navbar Menue problems related to the website:

The opened menue from the mobile navbar is not closing when clicking on either the Icon or Button.
This behavior was in place but for some reasons it´s off now. ( I found an old post which said that this is not possible but it was working in the first hand and then changed for some reasons in my set up).
Since all Elements are nested inside the navbar and have a link, I played around with the z-index but it didn´t work out. Do you have any idea?

When opening the menue (mobile) for some reasons the Body of the page increases when opening the menue, so if you scroll down you see that the site increases and collabs when closing. Scroll till the end when it´s opened and you can scroll over the end of the footer. No clue at all how to fix that …

Here is my site Read-Only:

Your help is very appreciated … THX