Mobile Navbar Hero Section

Hey Webflow Community!

whats the fastest way to edit the navbar so that its inside the hero section (is there a option like “foreground”?)

when i put the navbar under the section 1 its still positioned above the picture :blush:

i would lik to have the mobile navbar integrated onto the hero picture likes this:

thanks for your feedback!

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Something like this:

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Yes. How did you Positioned the Layout.

Thanks @aaronocampo

These are the settings for the navbar, but you will need to work with more instances like doing it on tablet mode so it cascades down to the next mobile states and the menu button opened, etc , but you get the idea

If you need anything else let me know.


thanks @aaronocampo

unfortunately i am not so into webflow to build the navbar myself. is there no chance to use the existing navbar from the webflow elements and just to put it onto the hero section? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately there’s no such thing, every element in WF needs to be designed and positioned by you.

I would suggest to go through the tutorials here or the courses here or even the help docs here

If you need more professional help PM me. I’d be happy to help you.

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