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Mobile Nav Oddities

Hello, Webflow friends.

I’ve been working on getting my dynamically-created mobile nav just right, and I’m struggling with a couple of issues.

There’s a grey bar at the end of my sub-items. I’ve set many elements’ background color to light green, but the grey bar remains.

Also, there is a space or gap between the top menu item and the nav bar.

Please Obi-Wan …

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Will anyone show this post some love?

I’ve got the mobile nav about 90% where I want it, but there’s still a little gap between the first dropdown and the hearder bar above it. I’m done messing with it for the moment, but I shall prevail!46%20PM

Your header wrapper is the culprit. You have it set to 30px. This is causing it to be larger than the navbar and is creating that space which is what the blue is coming through. I set it to 25px but not sure if for responsive screens that would have to be tweaked more.

hope that helps

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@jbleroux, you are The Man. Thank you!

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