Mobile Nav Not Displaying

Any idea why the hamburger nav doesn’t work on tablets and below for my website? I’ve had it set to display. I’m sure it’s some simple setting I don’t have correct, but can’t figure it out.

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But from what it sounds like you may want to take a peek at your visibility settings for your nav menu.

I already posted the link and description. Only thing I didn’t add was a screen shot. Here it is, but it doesn’t show anything except that on mobile devices the nav isn’t displaying when you click the hamburger.

As far as I can see/tell the visibility settings are correct. Awaiting your reply.

Hi @chrisgreer33, select the Nav Link Container element, go to the settings panel, and make sure the class is visible on all devices, right now it is selected only for Desktop.

See my screenshot what need to be updated for the Nav Link Container:

Try that and if it still give some issue, let us know :slight_smile:

Doing that displays the four nav items on the mobile devices which I don’t want. I want on mobile devices for the user to click the hamburger and the links appear below. Right now I’m getting everything displaying and it’s too crowded.

When I go into the Menu Button Settings and click “Open Menu” nothing appears as well leading me to believe there is something jacked up somewhere which is why it’s not working on mobile.

Hi @chrisgreer33, I took a peek at your navbar and noticed the nav bar you’re using has a div block for your nav menu. (not sure if it was replaced while you were designing it)

To get your navbar to work, try replacing it with a brand new navbar widget and then adding your classes to the elements. (should only take a few minutes)

Hope this helps! This has happened in the past and is something we hope to make more clear in the future.

Thanks for the help in this matter. Appreciate you.

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I am having the same issue. The mobile NAV displays when it’s published, but does not open in the editor. Here is the public link:

I tried the other options above and it didn’t seem to do anything. Maybe I missed something in the forum thread? I know I have a bit more trick mobile nav as I utilized some columns/rows…


Hi @KNOWLIGATION, thanks for your question. See my video below, this is what I see, do you see something different? A screencast or screenshots of the issue would be super helpful :wink:

Hey Dave,

Thanks so much for your help. I would included a screenshot, but it would be exactly what you don’t see that’s hard to capture. When you click on the menu button, it opens and displays the menu - however, when I click on it, it simply just does not open. It displays properly if you visit the website, but in the editor it just won’t open.

Seems like a maybe a small glitch? First time I’ve had this happen before…

What you show me is what I would like to see, but the menu won’t open when I click on my hamburger :smile:

Hi @KNOWLIGATION, I will take a further look and provide an update as soon as I finish taking that look :slight_smile:

Could you let me know, exactly, what browser and version you are using, and what operating system?

Easiest way to get the detail is to get an anonymous link of your browser and system details from here:, and then paste that link to the post.

Cheers, Dave