Mobile Nav Menu Issue

Hi, I hope you are all doing well !
I am having an issue with my nav menu for my mobile version: everything seems fine on the design platform, but when I publish the website and access it from a mobile, the nav menu is empty. The “burger” works and the nav menu opens up as it is supposed to but it comes out empty: all the text, nav links and other div blocks are missing.

Please find attached screenshots showing the issue.

Any help would be most appreciated. I am probably just missing out on a detail, please do share your tips and recommendations. Also let me know if you need more information to help me resolve this problem.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Gwenn,

The nav menu isn’t empty, all items are there but they are below the visible area. See my inspector screenshot.

I’d check the display types and the element alignments.

Hope this helps you,

Hi Alicia,

Thanks for your feedback. Display is set to inline block. I am not sure what you mean by alignment though? (I am new to webflow and do not know code ahah)


Resolved ! The nav menu was set on relative instead of fixed.

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