Mobile nav menu behind CMS content despite z index set correctly

Hi all,

I have a CMS list that has some services in it. For some reason on tablet and below the nav bar is behind this CMS wrapper despite the nav’s z-index being 999 and the CMS wrapper’s being 0. Position of the nav menu is set to absolute. I noticed the nav bar is also behind the services CMS wrapper on the services-single template page. It stays in front of all other content as far as I can tell. Everything appears fine in the preview, and in browser dev tools, but on the actual site it is misbehaving. I’ve combed through the forums on this site and can’t seem to find any solutions that work for me. Any help is greatly appreciated!

read only:

And here is the preview link so you can see the bug: E1 West | Services

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey, got the exact same problem… didn’t come over a solution yet… :frowning:

Hey Alexander,

I actually did end up figuring this out on my own. Mind sharing your read only link to see if I can help you?

Can you explain how you solved the issue? Couldn’t find a fix anywhere else