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Mobile Nav Menu animation delay and custom code not executing


Having 2 issues with my mobile nav menu.

  1. Delay in display (I think due to interaction playing first which has duration 0 to all elements).
  2. Custom Code not triggering on certain pages.

More info.

For #1, when I click the hamburger icon, there’s like a half second wait before the menu actually displays. I think it’s due to the mobile-menu-open interaction I have tied to nav3_menu-button-wrapper but everything in there is delay and duration 0. I reduced the default animation duration from 400ms to 200ms and it helped a little but still a noticeable delay in the animation starting.

For #2 I have some custom code to click nav3_menu-button-wrapper whenever user clicks nav3-background in site-wide footer block. This is so that when a user clicks outside the menu, the menu will close and close icon returns to hamburger icon. The code works fine on this page: ScholarSite but not this one:

$('.nav3_background').on('click', function() {
  // set all to 0

I tried moving the code into an HTML embed block but no joy. I checked the class names and didn’t notice any difference in my naming between the two pages that would prevent the custom code from running.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - ScholarSite v2